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Cisco UC geek, CCIE #26721, Husband of one, Father of two, Coffee-drinking intellectual, Amateur Lego Engineer, Driven, Ambitious, and often bit by many mosquitos.

My name is Matthew and I absolutely LOVE my life. I think. I tech. I write.

That’s a very nerdy cognitive explanation, you say? Well, to hash it out for you:

  • I work full-time as a Sr. Unified Communications Engineer for World Wide Technology. (No, it’s not Vonage.)
  • I’m an amateur theologian who loves to devour books with plenty of “creamed coffee” in close reach.
  • Writing is the way I process information. I learn, therefore I write.
  • I’m also a husband and dad, which make me the luckiest man alive.

Awesome, right?  I think so.

And my goal with this particular blog is to build on my initial CCIE Voice posts, providing tech commentary on discoveries I make out in the field.  I’ve found the best way to learn is to teach someone else.  This blog is my soapbox.

Why Cisco Voice Guru {dot} com?

Finding an identity online isn’t an easy thing to do.  Login to a site, click “Sign Up” and, immediately, you’ll be presented with a choice for username.  Unless you have an exotic and super unique name like Ferebee or Squidolicious, you’re going to have to settle.

Well, in the interest of avoiding a sexy username like “matthew30289″, I chose “CiscoVoiceGuru“.

So in case you wondered:
  • No, I am not Matthew Perry and I never did enjoy the TV show Friends.
  • No, I am not Matthew Berry, the ESPN fantasy sports analyst and columnist who writes under the nickname “the Talented Mr. Roto,” or “TMR”. I doth sucketh at sports and enjoy them infrequently.
  • No, I am not Matthew Berry, the one who ran for Congress in Virginia’s 8th District in 2010.
  • No, I am not Matthew Berry, the psychologist based in Melbourne Victoria, with a background in consultancy and clinical roles. However, he does get props for grabbing the domain before me.

While many can be called “Matthew Berry”, I am THE one, THE only, THE uniquely marketed Cisco Voice Guru (I jest).

That said, I’m not a know-it-all; I’m just a guy with a catchy social media name. I use toilet paper just like the rest of North America. ;)

Contact Me!

I want to be as available to you as I possibly can. Please forgive me if it does take me some time to respond! Here are some ways in which you can interact with me:

  • Comments – I love comments and will try my best to respond to nearly all of them! Comment on a recent post and let me know what I can do to help you!
  • Email – Here’s my email: “me [at] CiscoVoiceGuru [dotto] com”. Seriously, click it and send me something. I like encouragement too (besides just questions)!
  • Twitter – I really like Twitter. I’m here: @CiscoVoiceGuru!
  • Facebook – I respond to things on my FB Page as well. “Like” it!

Written by Matthew Berry

August 9th, 2009 at 7:38 am

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