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Cisco is currently running an “Ask the Expert – CCIE Voice” forum over at the Cisco Support Community.  Ben Ng, is answering all your CCIE Voice lab-related questions through tomorrow, February 12th.

Ben’s Profile

Ben Ng is a program manager with the CCIE program at Cisco Systems, Inc., where he manages exam content for the CCIE Voice track. Prior to joining the CCIE program, Ng worked in Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) where he provided technical and escalation support to Cisco customers on WAN, LAN switching, Multi-Service, and Unified Communications technologies. Ng is excited about how Cisco technologies, UC in particular, are redefining how people communicate with one another; and he is passionate about enabling engineers to excel in Cisco UC careers via training and certifications. Certified in CCIE R&S and Voice, Ng also holds a Master of Science in Telecommunications Management from Oklahoma State University.

Ben’s Responses to Lab-related Questions

RE: Configuring more than the lab asks you to do

Excessive configuration should not cost you points, unless they interfered with the configs or config-outcomes we look for, and sometimes they do.

I understand the rationale about best practice and habitual consistency, and if putting in the standard configs everywhere is part of your flow and builds your confidence, do it.

To be honest seeing excess configuration everywhere does not come across as an indication of technical supremacy in most cases, but still, my last statement is very subjective and has no bearing on the actual grading which is an objective process.

Again, excessive configurations will be ignored as long as they do no impact the required solution.

RE: Will proctors intentionally break stuff in our configuration (for troubleshooting) as we’re doing the lab? 

No, proctors do not and should not touch candidate’s configuration during the course of the lab exam, unless explicitly authorized by the candidate. Accessing candidate’s equipment without permission is prohibited. If anyone suspected such activity, they should let us know via the post-exam survey or opening at CS case.

RE: Various Questions (Software Versions, Attendant Console, etc.)

  1. The version of Unified applications (Communication Manager, Presence, Unity Connection, IPCCX) is 7.0 or it is the latest service release. <Ben>: 7.0(1)
  2. IOS Version of  3750 Switches <Ben>: 12.2(44)SE
  3. What are the models of IP Phones in lab Exam. <Ben>: 7965
  4. CUPC and CIPC Versions. <Ben>: 7.0(1)
  5. In lab, do I configure anything on AD/Exchange Side? Or Just integration with them?  <Ben>: Please try both in your preparation.
  6. Attendant Console  (is AC pre installed)?  <Ben>: Yes
  7. QSIG?  <Ben>: Yes
  8. MCID * Malicious Calls?  <Ben>: Yes
  9. Do we have to install any locale installer?  <Ben>: Maybe
  10. Any CUCM/UCCX Monitoring & Recording questions?  <Ben>: Maybe 
  11. Are we allowed to user RTMT and CDR during the Lab? if yes, is RTMT pre installed?  <Ben>: Yes
  12. Could you please give us some statistics about how many people passed the V3 exam so far, especially how many people failed the V3 on the 1st try?  <Ben>: Pass rates are satisfactory and many candidates pass it on the 1st try. But, I have said it before and will say it again, IMHO, passing on the first attampt is not necessarily an accurate gauge on one’s technical ability. I hope you know what I meant.

RE: SIP and Troubleshooting

Yes SIP is possible everywhere. Not sure about the best practice for SIP vs SCCP registration, whatever works for you is the best practice.

Troubleshooting is present in the Voice lab, not exactly in the same format as R&S, which have a dedicated section on troubleshooting. In the current Voice lab, troubleshooting is "integrated" into the exam – we won’t blast out on a loud speaker and say, "Attention everyone, now entering the troubleshooting section"; instead, we will tell you the requirements, and you do whatever you need to get there; sometimes you need to troubleshoot, sometimes you need to configure.

We have four SRND documents ready to be opened, also you have the online Cisco document page.

1. UC 7 SRND



4. Enterprise QoS SRND 3.3

RE: Various Questions (Number of routers, Presence, etc.)

  1. For CUE: will i need to configure it in CLI, or I can use the web interface  [Ben]: Yes, you can use the web interface.
  2. Is the documentation given in the lab will contain all admin guides [cucm,cucme,unity,presence,cue] and will i be able to search [ctrl+f] in the documents. [Ben]: Never commit to "all", although the admin-guides provided are listed in the earlier posts. And yes, you should be able to use the find function. If you can’t let the proctors know and t we need to fix it.
  3. Will we have a 3-routers [HQ,BR1&BR2] or a 4th one will be added ? [Ben]: Never say never, but currently we have a 3-router lab.
  4. 4. do i need to change the cucm & presence server names to ip addresses before starting my lab and is doing it will make any problems ?  [Ben]: This is completely up to you, and I would encourage you to post some rationale behind it so everyone can benefit.
  5. Will i integrate the cucm and presence with active directory that i found presence miss some capabilities if not integrated with AD  [Ben]: This is true, and I have already commented in an earlier post about AD integration potentials.
  6. For UCCX,what is meant by [Advanced Configuration] & redundancy  [Ben]: That means everything which is not basic configuration and redundancy.
  7. For presence, will we integrate with OCS or MOC ?  [Ben]: never day never, but currently we don’t
  8. What is the best doc to prepare for QOS for the lab exam  [Ben]: SRND and your own hands on validation of what the SRND says.
  9. Finally for the breack period in the exam, how much it will be ? [Ben]: it depends on the test site, it varies from 30 minutes to an hour I believe

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